Samsung to be main chip supplier for iPhone

As per the published report from South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper, South Korea’s ‘Samsung Electronics’ would be the main chip supplier for next generation iPhone. With this deal Samsung would produce and supply around 75% of the application processors to iPhone.

However, there is no such clear report about the financial details of the deal and which other companies other than Samsung would supply the processors is not revealed by the sources. But we do have a report on the details of manufacturing unit of the supplier, is at its factory in Austin, Texas.

As per sources, production of A9 chip would be primarily deal with Samsung in a deal which may be worth billions and Apple would more rely on Samsung for iPhone 6 along with Apple Watch components including RAM, NAND flash storage, and batteries. And the A9 chip is anticipated to command over iPhone 6s and apparently the next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini.

Samsung to be main chip supplier for iPhone:

Reports from most of the observers say that, the chip deal as a win-win for both companies. At the same it would allow Apple to reduce and eventually end its support on Samsung for iOS components helping the company in moving towards a high supportable option when developing products that do not rely on an opponent’s hardware.

Moreover as an additional supplier, Apple would influence a bit high when compared to the price negotiations with its chip suppliers in coming future. Going forward this could help create a new way of manufacturing products and stand high on new innovations and at the same time if the organization works towards getting TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) chips in majority of its devices, this would result in reducing Samsung chips required and would permit Apple to have high fluidity in its devices which are based on iOS.

According to the analysts, this deal would rather add a boost when compared to its customer and help support affluent research investments in the manufacturer needs to move to an advanced technology which in-turn would boosts its overall revenue in current fiscal year.

So far, none of the companies given any clear comment on the development of the product. As per market analysis both the companies – Apple and Samsung are the foremost mobile phone developers all over the world and still combating over the latest technology and innovations past some time.

Xiaomi Mi4 VS OnePlus One : Choose the Best Smartphone

Xiaomi recently introduced its flagship phone of the year into Indian Markets. Just at Rs.20,000, the phone bought high-end hardware specifications very similar to its predecessor Mi3.

However, the phone pitted against another flagship killer One Plus One which is also priced similarly to Xiaomi Mi4. Here’s we explained how the two phones stand against each other. Check our comparison and decide which Flagship Killer fits your purpose best.

Build & Design:

Mi4 gives a premium look with rounded corners, steel frame and chamfered edges. Comparatively the phone also have smaller form factor. Though it doesn’t give a bulky feel its rival falls into phablet category.

OnePlus One is made of high-quality polycarbonate material. The clean lines and subtle curves dominate the minimalist design philosophy of the phone.

Both the phones are curved at the back, enhancing while OnePlus One comes with sandstone gray finish which is highly unique. The phone is also resistant to smudges.

When we go to comparison Xiaomi Mi4 offers a classy and rich look, but on a day to day usage one plus one scores high. However, users who look for one hand user experience should go for M4.


Interestingly Both Xiaomi Mi4 and OnePlus one is framed with same configurations, that is2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core Processor, Adremo 330GPU, AND 3GB RAM. Both the phones do not feature external storage option but OnePlus One comes with 64GB Internal Storage Option where Mi4 only comes with 16GB Internal Storage.

The Mi4 don’t offer 4G Support where the Oneplus One supports 4G Networks in India when rolled out.

Mi4 comes with 3080mAh Battery where the battery lasts for one and a half day on normal usage. OnePlus One comes with the 3100mAh battery lasting the full day on heavy usage.


Xiaomi Mi4 runs MIUI 6 Company’s new version of OS. OnePlus One comes with CyanogenMod 11s which is custom aftermarket version of Android 4.4 KitKat and developed by Cyanogen. OnePlus One Interface is very close to stock Android where MIUI resembles Apple’s IOS in designing and navigating.

CyanogenMod is highly customizable with enhanced security and additional features. MIUI focuses on usage in addition to enhanced native apps, better notifications and things like call recording and calls backing.

Both OS’s supports themes and allows the users customize all UI Elements. When compared both Xiaomi MIUI Content Store has richer themes and wallpapers. Readers should note that OnePlus One will not receive any software updates from Cyanogen in future due to its ongoing conflict.

However, OnePlus One Android ROM (Based on Android Lollipop is expected to release in February Month.


Xiaomi Sports 13MP Rear Camera in Mi4 featuring Sony Exmor RS Stacked image sensor 6-element lens, f/1.8 aperture, real-time HDR and 4K UHD Video Recording and LED Flash. The phone offers 8MP Selfie camera tracking Exmor RS Back-illuminated image sensor, 80 degrees wide-angle 5-element lens, and f/1.8 aperture. Both front and rear camera possess good quality pictures insufficient light.

Xiaomi Mi4 VS OnePlus One

OnePlus One also sports 13MP Rear camera with Sony Exmor IMX 214 Sensor, 6 Lenses, f/2.0 aperture, 4K Video with stereo recording, support for RAW files, Slow Motion-720p video at 120fps and dual LED Flash. Phones selfie camera has 5MP Sensor.

OnePlus One has great camera and takes low-light shots just as it captures the daylight shots. Both the phones offer good camera features hardware.


Xiaomi Mi4 is priced at Rs.19, 999 where OnePlus One retails at Rs.21, 999. Mi4 will be available exclusively on Flip kart through flash sales weekly. On the other hand OnePlus One is Amazon India Exclusive phone.

Bottom Line:

If you are ok with limited storage, No need 4G Option and don’t need phablet sized phone then Mi4 is the best choice for you. Else go for OnePlus One if you want all these options.

MoboMarket Becomes Your Single Gateway for Smartphone Management

If you are one of those Android users who do a lot of things in the device, such as installing apps, adding & managing media files, etc in a deeper manner, we are sure that you are desperately in need of a solution for the purpose of managing your Android Smartphone and its various aspects in a better manner!

Well, managing your Smartphone in a better way, here, means that you can take the management part into your PC desktop and do that without making it clumsy. And, if you are looking for an effective solution to fulfill your requirement, we will suggest you an awesome tool in this post — MoboMarket.

Apart from a mere suggestion, in order to let you understand the tool clearly, we’ll have a brief yet comprehensive review of MoboMarket, with focus on its desktop Smartphone management client to emphasis its management aspect. So, shall we start our review of MoboMarket for PC?

What is Actually MoboMarket?

In simpler words, we can call MoboMarket a free software to manage Android Smartphone, right from your PC in an impressive manner that it does not depend upon your expertise in these stuff. On the other hand, almost every kind of Android Smartphone user will be able to use MoboMarket, and more importantly, the tool is sort of necessary for them!

It has to be noted that while you install MoboMarket for PC in your Windows-powered device, you’ll be able to install the same app in your Android Smartphone, and the app will become a bridge between your PC and device, meanwhile, the App enables you to download your desired app directly to your Android Phone, same as Google Play does.

Here need to be mentioned that the MoboMarket Android App gives users more than Google play offers, from the aspect of localization, local trending App chart, guess you like, as well as hot App collections. It was a nice try for Android App store of the same kind. Thus, MoboMarket can act as a Smartphone management and an effective app store at the same time that have the corresponding counterparts in both mobile and PC.

Establishing Connection:

As we said, you have to connect your Smartphone and PC in order to use MoboMarket for the purpose of managing your Smartphone. By the way, it has to be noted that you do not have to worry if you haven’t installed MoboMarket app in your device, if you choose the USB-based connection method.

Well, yeah, in USB method, you can connect PC and your Smartphone using the USB Cable, before which you have to enable USB debugging. If drivers of your device have some issues, MoboMarket will help you fix that by downloading and installing proper drivers from official site. If you have done that, you can move on with the connection process and it will not take more than a few seconds at the maximum level.

On the other hand, if you want to establish the connection using Wi-Fi, you have a thing to take care of — you have to make sure that both your PC and Smartphone are connected to the same Wireless network, which might be a sort of tiresome task for the majority. If it is not an issue, you can establish connection between your devices without the messing-up effects of wires. So, it means you have the choice to select according to your requirement.

Features we Loved:

Despite the fact that MoboMarket for PC is quite rich in terms of features, we think the following features were ones to grab our attention, and we loved using those sections, for sure.

  • Data Backup section of MoboMarket is awesome for all users who consider data equivalent to the device. In that case, you will be able to backup important data including your contacts, call logs, SMS messages etc. In a few clicks. So, this seemed to be a noteworthy feature of MoboMarket for us.

  • MoboMarket has an integrated option to boost your device in a single click. Just clicking on the button in the dashboard will remove unwanted, junk files from the device and help you get it in the full form!
    When compared to the older version of MoboMarket, the tool gives easier access to different sections from the minimal dashboard that you can see when you open the window. This is quite useful when you want to have a brief view of different sections.

  • Device section of MoboMarket has some stunning features to let you give information about your device like up-to-date screenshots, information about Android version and other stuff, along with options to check out data you have stored such as contacts and messages.
    Resources part of MoboMarket is meant for the easier installation of your favorite apps without depending upon Google Play Store. On the other hand, you can download apps right from MoboMarket store & install.
  • In comparison with its previous versions, and other Smartphone management tools out there, user interface of this tool is somewhat superb. For example, we can take the case of the small dashboard we mentioned above. By means of that dashboard, users will be able to have an overview of the full tool.

The Bottom Line :

Taking our experience with MoboMarket and other users’ opinion as reference, it is clear that it makes enough sense to use MoboMarket for managing your Android Smartphone in an impressive way.

Uber App for Android Free Download : Latest Version

Uber App: Uber is very much the helpful thing that we have in our devices that also for free. If you have Uber app on your personal devices, you will never be late anymore. Now I guess you have known what actually Uber app is, so in this article, I will not be telling what this Uber app is. But I will tell you how to install this useful app on your Android, iOS device, and PC and yes I will not forget to share about the features of this cab booking app.

Now you may be thinking as you are getting such great features in this Uber the charge will be high. So I would like to tell you that Uber is affordable, means it is not that costly, and you will not have any chance to get fooled by the taxi drivers anymore because the price will be given to you by the company, not by the taxi driver. If you want to have more premium ride with Uber, then you can also go for the premium offer.So are you all ready to know about this Uber app Login Details? If yes, then I would like to tell you to stay with me until the end of the article.

Download Uber app on Android device:

uber for android

You can easily download this Uber app on your Android device from the play store as the app is easily available in Google Play Store. But don’t worry I will be telling you all the steps for how to download Uber app from the Play store.

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store from your Android device
  2. Then search for the Uber app in the search box of the Google Play Store.
  3. You will get many results and out of those result click on the genuine Uber app.
  4. After you click on the genuine app icon, you will again need to click on the INSTALL button for installing the app on your device.
  5. After clicking on the INSTALL button, you will need to wait for some moment till the app gets successfully installed on your phone.
  6. After installation, open the uber app and Signup in uber app login Page.
  7. You can make your first ride now.

So this is all you need to do, after doing all this you will beuberable to install the Uber app easily on your Android device without any problem.

hotmail login sign

Hotmail help guide

The following are the directions for contacting the Hotmail customer service department:

Login to your hotmail account.
In the upper right corner click Help.
On the following page click Contact Us
In the drop down list select Contact MSN Hotmail
Complete the form on that page and be as specific as possible with your problem description.Hotmail

As I update this, it appears that you can actually reach customer service in two ways:
1. Microsoft also provides forums for peer-to-peer help.
2. What is the customer service number for Hotmail?
The customer service number for Hotmail is 866-672-4551 or 800-642-7676. A customer service representative is available between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.
from Monday through Friday – or between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday or Sunday.

In other words, it appears that you can get in touch with a real customer service person (though there is one theory I’ve heard that
these are often automated bots – I’d love to hear if you experience that).

hotmail login sign

In addition,’s help pages remain your source for self-service online answers, including step-by-step instructions to perform common tasks and deal with common issues.But as is implied, quite frequently other users will be able to provide you with the answers you need.If you take a few minutes to learn about and exercise the search capability of the site, and read the existing answers and discussions posted by
other users, there’s a very good chance you can get your question answered without having to wait for anyone.